Tissue Paper Collage

Our most recent class had a bit of a Valentine’s Day theme. We read My Heart is like a Zoo, by Michael Hall (click on the title of the book to see a computer version). This was a fun book because every animal was made entirely of hearts. For example, the lion’s nose is a heart and each segment of the caterpillar is a heart shape. Students enjoyed finding all the hidden hearts. We even sungThere’s a Little Wheel A-Turnin’ in My Heart,by The Laurie Berkner Band.

The art project was tissue paper collage. See an example below then read more about the process.

Although I already had a collection of tissue paper pieces, I first provided each child with several sheets of tissue paper so they would have the opportunity to tear the paper themselves. Tearing paper helps to develop fine motor skills and is also something they often enjoy. Many children will first try to crumple the paper or pull it apart. This tissue paper did sometime tear when they tried to pull it apart but other times it would twist into a rope. We practiced various ways of tearing the paper so each student could learn something new. After tearing paper we used watered down glue to create our colorful collages. Students brushed their paper with glue, placed pieces of tissue paper on their paper then brushed more glue on top of the tissue paper. After everyone had experimented for some time, I offered pre-cut hearts to further embellish the collages and to support our heart theme.

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