Spring Art Classes

ArtStarts has just 3 more April classes at Telegraph Station! With all this beautiful Spring weather we’ve been having, I am eager to do some Spring themed art! Join us at 10:30 on Wednesdays (April 11th, 18th, and 25th) at Telegraph Station in Alexandria. Parents and caregiver can enjoy a coffee or a breakfast sandwich while children ages 2-5 take part in an engaging art project. You can be certain that bugs, flowers, and sunshine will be incorporated in some way! Please contact Nicole at ArtStartsonthePike@gmail.com for more information.

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Clay Class for Kids

The next ArtStarts class at Telegraph Station will focus on clay! Most of our recent classes have been focused on painting, drawing, or collage so it will be exciting to try something new.

Our clay class will take place on February 22nd at 10:30. As always, we will have song and story time before the art activity. Class is $15 and is payable to Nicole via PayPal. Email me at ArtStartsonthePike@gmail.com to sign up!

Telegraph Station is located at 5735 Telegraph Road, Alexandria, VA. Feel free to come early or stay late and enjoy any of their delicious menu items. They make a great breakfast sandwich!

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Tissue Paper Collage

Our most recent class had a bit of a Valentine’s Day theme. We read My Heart is like a Zoo, by Michael Hall (click on the title of the book to see a computer version). This was a fun book because every animal was made entirely of hearts. For example, the lion’s nose is a heart and each segment of the caterpillar is a heart shape. Students enjoyed finding all the hidden hearts. We even sungThere’s a Little Wheel A-Turnin’ in My Heart,by The Laurie Berkner Band.

The art project was tissue paper collage. See an example below then read more about the process.

Although I already had a collection of tissue paper pieces, I first provided each child with several sheets of tissue paper so they would have the opportunity to tear the paper themselves. Tearing paper helps to develop fine motor skills and is also something they often enjoy. Many children will first try to crumple the paper or pull it apart. This tissue paper did sometime tear when they tried to pull it apart but other times it would twist into a rope. We practiced various ways of tearing the paper so each student could learn something new. After tearing paper we used watered down glue to create our colorful collages. Students brushed their paper with glue, placed pieces of tissue paper on their paper then brushed more glue on top of the tissue paper. After everyone had experimented for some time, I offered pre-cut hearts to further embellish the collages and to support our heart theme.

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Snowy Painting

ArtStarts held the first children’s art class of 2012 at Telegraph Station in Alexandria, VA on February 1st. As promised this was a snow-themed class even though the weather was unseasonably warm! We read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats, a visually rich story complete with snowflakes, snow angels, and a little boy who loves the snow! After reading the story and singing a fun snow song, we got to work on the art.

In this art class, our young students used white paint and sponge rollers to paint the “snow” all over the gray paper. Some students were very invested in this process and spent much of the time rolling the white paint over and over the page. Others experimented with drawing with a stick in the paint, using snowflake stampers, and gluing snowflakes onto the page. It was quite exciting to see how each of our little artists used different materials in different ways as they engaged in the creative process.

One of the most valuable aspects to any art program is that the child is able to direct the creative process. While they may have a wide array of materials, not every  child will use them. Some will be very happy to simply use the paint roller, while others will experiment with all of the materials that are offered. Any art activity that I present in a class, I have also done with my daughter. I have found that as a parent it is important,  though sometimes difficult, to let the child direct the creative process. While I may want my daughter to try the paint stampers or the various colors of paint that are offered, I must remember that she may learn much more if she is able to move at her own pace. If I let her use the paint roller for the entire session she will fully appreciate the physical properties offered by the roller. She will notice more closely the texture that the roller makes and the result of layering paint over and over and over again. She would completely miss these new discoveries if I tried to get her to move on to the all the other materials rather than sticking with what she was truly interested in.

During any art class, I offer a variety of materials but try to do so in a casual way, so as not to distract a child from an activity that they may be very focused on. I believe that this is the best way to let the child’s own creativity shine through. Thank you to all the parents who inspire creativity in their children and also for letting me be a part of this process!

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Art Classes at Telegraph Station

Telegraph Station will now be hosting ArtStarts, a unique art program for children ages 2-5. These classes provide the opportunity for exploration, discovery, self-expression, and positive social interaction. Children will have the opportunity to work with a wide range of art materials such as paint, clay, markers, crayons, and paper, while also engaging in stories, songs, and movement.

Beginning February 1st, ArtStarts will meet on Wednesdays at Telegraph Station located at 5735 Telegraph Road Alexandria, VA 22303. Classes will run from 10:30-11:15 on the following dates: February 1st, 8th, 22nd; March 7th and 14th; April 11th, 18th, 25th. Please keep in touch for any changes or cancelations!

To register, email Nicole Holohan at ArtStartsonthePike@gmail.com and include your child’s name, age and date for which you wish to register. Class fee is $15 per session via PayPal.

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November Art Class at Twisted Vines

Another children’s art class at Twisted Vines has just been scheduled for the month of November. The class will be held on November 7th at 4:30 and will be suitable for children ages 2-7. As always, class will incorporate stories, songs, and the visual arts. We will explore the Fall weather and the bright, bold colors it has to offer. The art project will include leaf rubbings and painting, giving children the opportunity to experience various art media.

The class fee will be $20 per child and will include a $5 credit towards your food or drink purchase at Twisted Vines. In order to register, email Nicole at ArtStartsonthePike@gmail.com. Class payment is required to reserve your spot so sign up today!

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Children’s Art Classes at Telegraph Station

ArtStarts is pleased to announce 2 new art classes to be held on Saturday October 8th at 3:30 pm and Wednesday October 19th at 10:30 am at Telegraph Station in Alexandria, VA. Classes are lead by Nicole Holohan, an experienced art therapist, artist, and mother of 2 young children. The classes are designed for children ages 2-5 but may also be suitable for children up to age 7.

ArtStarts classes are developmentally appropriate, child centered, and fun. This month’s theme is “My Little Monster.” The art class will begin with stories and songs about monsters (the not-so-scary kind) after which children will create a wearable mask using paint and a variety of collage materials.

Parents are welcome to purchase items from Telegraph Station’s food and coffee menu to enjoy while their kids get creative. You may also want to stay after class for lunch or dinner.

Each class is approximately 45 minutes long and is $15 per child payable to Nicole Holohan via PayPal. To register for class, email Nicole at ArtStartsonthePike@gmail.com. Be sure to include your children’s ages and the class date for which you are registering.

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First Class Makes a Splash!

This gallery contains 9 photos.

The first children’s art class was a huge success! We started our adventure with an ocean-themed story where we learned about sharks, fish, turtles and jellyfish. Children then used crayons and watercolor paints to create their own unique ocean scenes. … Continue reading

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Children’s Art Classes in Arlington, VA

ArtStarts on the Pike is pleased to announce Corks & Crayons – all new children’s art classes at Twisted Vines in Arlington, VA. Bring some friends and let your children explore their creative side!  Nicole, an experienced art therapist and mother of two young children, will provide art sessions that are developmentally appropriate, child centered, and fun. All classes will include stories or songs, followed by a related art project.  The classes are developed for children ages 2 – 5.  Artistic experience is not necessary as lessons are geared towards all skills levels and are modified based on the needs of the individual.

Read the class descriptions below and let us know if you want to come get creative! For more information or to reserve a spot (cost is $15 per child) contact Nicole at ArtStartsonthePike@gmail.com

Make a splash with art! August 15th @ 4:30pm (class is full)

Children will explore the ocean through story and song. Using watercolor paints, they will create their own unique ocean scene.

Picture me creative September 12th @ 4:30pm (class is full)

Your child will explore tempera paints with a variety of implements. They will then create a unique picture frame with paint and collage materials. Parents may bring in a photograph of their child to be included in the picture frame.

My Little Monster October 10th @ 4:30pm (class is full)

Children will listen to monster themed stories and songs then make a multimedia art project. Your little ones will create a wearable mask with paint, glue, and lots of fun collage materials.

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